Spotlight Interview With: C.E.O Diddies Meals…… Mrs Iretioluwa Okojie

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E.E: Tell us about growing up?

Diddies: I grew up in Abeokuta. I had my primary and secondary school in Abeokuta and tertiary at lead city university, Ibadan.

E.E: What is that one thing you will never forget about growing up?

Diddies: Asking mum and dad for everything

E.E: How did you get into business?

Diddies: Sometimes you won’t recognize your talent until you find yourself idle and create something out of nothing. I love to cook and I just turned it into business.

E.E: What is that one thing that made you start Diddiesmeal?

Diddies: Anytime I entertain people at home they are always wowed, some family and friends encouraged me to just start something and that’s how I came about Diddiesmeal.

How did you come about the name Diddiesmeal?

Diddies: It’s the combination of our names. Daniel, Ireti, Dunmininu and Durotimi. My husband, myself, and my two boys .lol

E.E: Is it about passion for you or is it about the money?

Diddies: It is the passion first but the money the passion brings in makes sense….

E.E: You used to work a 9-5 job with a telecommunication company and now you own your own business, would you say it is more fulfilling to own a business or working 9-5 for someone else?

Diddies: Its more fulfilling to have your own business by  Creating your own working hours although sometimes I miss the fact that there is a steady income at the end of every month when u are a salary earner but the fact that I put smiles on the face of other people from my handwork makes me happy and the joy that comes with the fact that I dont miss out on important things about my Kids growing up

E.E: Was there anything you learnt in your past job that is valuable to your business today?

Diddies: Yes I learnt a lot. Excellent customer service and selling skills.

E.E: Starting a business for you, was it a smooth ride or was it a rough one?

Diddies: It was a rough one.

Tell us the story behind your answer.


Diddies: Firstly trying to win customers with the rate of competition in food business. Going out of my way to please people. Sometimes you spend more than what is offered, some encouraging feedback and sometimes depressing ones that can almost make you quit lol but the passion is what keeps me going.

.E: Did you ever felt like giving up in business as an Entrepreneur?

Diddies: Yes there were many times I almost gave up but like I said earlier, the passion is what keeps the fire burning.

E.E: At what moment of your business did you feel like giving up?

Diddies: When I had to go out of my way to deliver soup orders at Ajah and on getting to the customer, she denied ordering for all the orders, refused to pay and it almost became something else because it was a pay on delivery order. I had to beg, did plenty of talking and convincing before the customer finally agreed to take just two out of it. I almost died, but I am glad I got a positive feedback and she kept ordering for more.

E.E: We were at one of the events you rendered your services and it was as if the whole crowd there came for the party just because of your delicacies. What was the secret behind that?

Diddies: The secret is Jesus. We do not joke with customer satisfaction

E.E: You are married with 2 kids how are you able to merge business with being a mother at the same time considering the emotions that comes with being an entrepreneur?

Diddies: I must say it’s not easy at all, family always come first but there is always a way around it.

E.E: What will your advice be if you are to advice people whom wants to go into hospitality business?

Diddies: Be focused and be determined. Some will discourage you and some will encourage u, but your determination is what will keep you going.


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